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Utica homemade sex toys for couples
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п»їPrenatal vitamins: Guide to know what you need and its benefits |
The first thing to note that prenatal vitamins are a complement, not a substitute for the nutrients that provide us with food from a healthy and balanced diet. Diet that, during pregnancy, we must watch even more. Prenatal vitamins should be prescribed by the doctor, following the indications of dose and duration. They are usually recommended in cases where the mother has some dietary restriction (for example, being lactose intolerant) or when you should increase the intake of some nutrients in the diet, especially iron and folic acid (essential to prevent problems of malformations of the neural tube such as spina bifida). They are also usually prescribed in cases of multiple pregnancy, when the mother has anemia or lack of vitamins and minerals or when the future mother follows a vegan or vegetarian diet, which can make the supply of nutrients insufficient during pregnancy. What are the prenatal vitamins that are really needed in pregnancy?
Vitamin supplements for pregnant women During pregnancy, the needs of proteins, vitamins and minerals increase, so the diet must guarantee nutrients in sufficient quantities for the development of the fetus during pregnancy. However, on certain occasions it is necessary to resort to prenatal supplements or vitamins. Following the recommendations of the experts, in addition to following a balanced diet, these are the most recommended prenatal supplements:
Vitamin A: Involved in the development of the mucous membranes and skin of the future baby.
Folic acid: It is advisable to take a folic acid supplement (400 micrograms) during the first trimester of pregnancy and, if you plan to get pregnant, start taking a month before conception.
Vitamin B: Fundamental for cells to develop, and also help to avoid annoying nausea during pregnancy.
Vitamin C: An extraordinary source of antioxidants that increases defenses.
Vitamin D: Involved in the mineralization of bones and teeth.
Vitamin E: An essential vitamin for tissue formation.
Iron: It is essential during pregnancy to maintain the daily intake of iron, another nutrient that is also present in prenatal vitamin supplements. Among others, it prevents anemia problems, favors the production of red blood cells and prevents low birth weight.
Calcium: As important as iron or more, since this mineral is essential for teeth and bones. Also present in prenatal vitamin supplements.
Magnesium: This mineral, also present in vitamin supplements for pregnant women, helps prevent annoying cramps.
You may also be interested: 10 foods you should avoid during pregnancy and discover what pregorexia is or the fear of getting fat during pregnancy.

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