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п»їHolidays with pets: Tips for taking dogs and cats to a hotel or camping |
Holidays bring many joys, but also the eternal question: what do I do with my dog ​​or my cat? In the event that your vacation includes your pets, it is important that you plan the trip carefully, taking into account both the destination and the accommodation. If you are going to spend your holidays with pets, do not miss these tips to take dogs and cats to a hotel or camping.
Holidays with pets Passing our holidays with pets is one of the best decisions we can make, but certain aspects must also be taken into account. If you want to know how to do it so that everything goes smoothly, read on!
Prepare the suitcase for our pet
If on other occasions we have offered you tips to prepare your suitcase, now it is the turn to prepare your pet's suitcase. But what is the luggage that your dog or cat should have?
In a pet travel kit there are certain items that cannot be missing, which we list below.
Health card with the vaccination card a day.
European passport in case of traveling to another country.
Drinker and food.
Excrement bags.
Blanket that does not wrap too much.
Your favorite toy
Litter box in the case of cats.
Brush (optional)
Tips during the trip
In order to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for both your pet and you, you must follow the advice of the Royal Canine Society of Spain to ensure their well-being and safety.
Traveling with a pet by car The car is one of the most used means of transport when going on vacation, especially for animal owners. In this case you must take advantage of each stop to respect the animal's biorhythms. During these minutes your pet can stretch its legs, eat and drink something.
On the other hand, we also have some safety recommendations offered by the DGT:
If the dog is small, take it in a carrier on the floor of the vehicle.
If the dog is large, place the carrier in the trunk transverse to the direction of travel. In addition, you can use the dividing grid for greater security.
Under no circumstances carry the dog in arms or leave it inside the vehicle at a high temperature.
Traveling with a pet by train If you are planning to travel by train, you should know that Renfe CercanГ­as does not allow pets weighing more than 10 kg, and that those who enter this margin will have to go in a transport so that it does not disturb the rest of passengers In addition, each dog must bring a companion to take care of and take responsibility for it.
On the other hand, if you are going to take a long and medium distance AVE you will have to take out a specific pet ticket, which has a cost of 25% of the ordinary fare unless you travel in Club or Preferred Class.
Travel with a pet by plane
The requirements and conditions of traveling by plane with a pet vary depending on the size of the animal. Small breeds can go in a cabin inside a transport carrier, while larger ones cannot go to your side during the flight. The additional price to take it depends on each company, so you should ask exactly what the surcharge is.
Travel with a pet by boat
Finally, you can travel by boat with your pet, but you cannot have it by your side during the journey. Most boats have enabled spaces and cages equipped to remain there during the trip. The positive part is that, at least, you have a schedule to visit and feed and drink.
Destinations with pets: Hotel or camping? Traveling with your pet determines, of course, the choice of the place where you will enjoy your vacation. It doesn't matter if you want to rest on the coast, in a mountainous destination or on a beautiful lake, you just have to keep in mind that your pets need special care that not all destinations can give you.
Once you have chosen the place where you will travel it is the turn, then, to choose an accommodation in which pets are allowed. Although more and more hotels are equipped to receive pets, the truth is that they usually allow small breeds, while in campsites there is usually no such discrimination. Similarly, before booking you must confirm with the staff that your pet can stay with you.
Tips for traveling with your dog or cat To finish, one of the best tips we can give you is that you accustom your pet to travel regularly with the rest of the family so that the trip takes place with greater tranquility for everyone. It will also be essential that you do not alter your usual routine too much, that is, your meal, walk and rest schedules.
What is your ideal dog? Test to find out
Question 1 of 10
On any given afternoon ...
You are at home watching a movie on the couch
Go out with cane friends
You decide at the last minute depending on your mood

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