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Ojai tumblr mens sex toys
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п»їSummer crochet hats |
Summer is a time that invites to give a chic touch to our look, the hat or hat being the ideal complement to achieve it. In addition to cotton, linen or hemp hats, what do you think of an original crochet hat? With a little skill with the needles you can create and weave your own designs. Crochet is one of the most traditional techniques when knitting, giving us the opportunity to make numerous creations. On this occasion, we propose to knit a crochet hat, which can be a complement to the beach bag or backpack.
We will see the instructions to make a crochet hat in an easy way and, with a little practice, even quick to wear as soon as possible. Size S (52-54 cm) or M (54-57 cm). The material we are going to need to knit it is cotton thread, a skein of the chosen color, 4 mm crochet needles and a spin counter.
Instructions We start weaving a chain (3-5 stitches) and close with a dwarf stitch.
Row 1: We knit 12 high stitches.
Row 2: We knit two high stitches for each point of the previous round, until we have a total of 24, which we keep on row 3.
Row 4: We double the stitches again to be 48, knitting the same until lap 7.
Round 7: A high point for every three of the previous round until 64, which we keep until the tenth round.
Row 11: From 64 you have to reduce to 55 points, decreasing every 6-7.
Row 12 and 13: We knit a high point at each point of the previous round.
Row 14 and 15: To complete the hat you can make several laps of simple points.
If you are looking for ideas to inspire you and create your own hat and hat designs, check out the image gallery where you will find proposals for all tastes and styles.
You may also be interested: Crochet accessories for the beach and discover the 10 easy decorating ideas with crochet.

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