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GB sticker
« : 28 Haziran 2019, 07:20 »
GB sticker: You need to put a GB sticker on your car; if not you will get an on-the-spot fine. If you have a Euro-symbol on your number plate (BS AU 145d standard) then you don't need a GB sticker when driving in Europe. But if you go outside the EU, and that includes Switzerland, you need a GB sticker as well.

Is driving in Europe easy?
The mechanics of driving in Europe aren't all that different from home, but the first day or two can be an adjustment. Drive defensively, observe, fit in, avoid big-city driving when you can, have a good map on hand, and wear your seat belt. Below are my top tips for driving safely, and enjoyably, on European roads.

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Ynt: GB sticker
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