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Best Driving Tips for Europe
« : 28 Haziran 2019, 07:19 »
Always stay to the Right. You may find it comfortable to stay in the center lane of a three-lane highway. You avoid those coming up the on-ramp and those wanting to driving faster than you in the passing lane. But that's not how it works in Europe. Unless you're actually passing a car, stay in the right lane. The fact that you're driving somewhat faster than most in the right lane doesn't give you permission to sit in the center lane. Stay in the right and pass when needed or you will have cars with annoyed drivers coming up on your back bumper.

Look at least twice before passing. Some people drive very fast in Europe. If you check your review mirror and see a car far back you can't assume that you have time to pass. Check your mirror, and in a few seconds check it again to gage how fast that car is going. You may or may not have time to pass.

Roundabouts are actually great. Roundabouts keep the traffic moving if you know how to use them. You do not stop at a roundabout unless absolutely necessary. You yield to the traffic in the roundabout. Stay in the outside lane if you're getting off right away. If you're going to the second or third exit, move to an inside lane so that you create space for others entering the roundabout. Signal your exit. Change lanes carefully.

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Ynt: Best Driving Tips for Europe
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