Gönderen Konu: Openload kullanımda yaklaşık 650 Gbit / s bant genişliği var  (Okunma sayısı 81 defa)

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Openload is currently one of the top 250 most-visited sites on the entire Internet. Last year we reported how it generates more traffic than Hulu or HBO Go. However, similar pressures to those being experienced by Rapidvideo have forced the platform towards change.

The big immediate difference is that users who upload content to the site will no longer get paid based on the number of views their videos get. That’s a bit like YouTube de-monetizing all of its most popular contributors.

Çevrimdışı IngridP

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The other key issue is that affiliate programs incentivize users to upload content to a particular service, with YouTube operating the most famous program of all. It’s easy to see how the removal of the Openload program could result in less content being uploaded there or openload downloader online. However, the operators of the site say they are fully aware of what might happen.